Friday, March 19, 2010

Gratitude Cast

This week we celebrated the end of the serial casting by having Little's heel cord surgically lengthened. In honour of the beginning of the end (he goes into a brace after this), I made a gratitude cast for Littles (his last cast will be a welcome home cast). We have "thank you" written in the obligatory English and then in Indonesian (and Indonesian slang), Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese. We believe in multilingual children in our family.

I wanted a gratitude cast for this one because there are so very many things I'm thankful for at this point.

I'm thankful for the wonderful job that the doctors and nurses did at Children's. I'm thankful that this was such a fixable problem. I'm thankful that Littles will be able to walk and run and play, thanks to the great medical care we received. I'm thankful for the support I've gotten from friends and family and my wonderful husband, and especially for my mother-in-love who talked me through all the minute details of the procedure and listened to me process during multiple phone conversations. I'm thankful for our GPS that helped me figure out downtown DC until my sense of direction finally kicked in and I began to feel like a competent driver once more. I'm thankful for insurance that keeps us from spending thousands of dollars and that my name is not Geneva Noreen (whose bill came to my house yesterday and scared the living daylight out of me). I'm thankful for the many ways I learned to make this fun instead of frustrating.

There's a lot that I'm thankful for, not the least of which is that the Man is coming home a week from tomorrow. And that is just pretty cool.


  1. And you are thankful for jalapeno brownies that foam. Because they are awesome.

  2. And you are thankful for a friend who is obsessed with taking pictures of your adorable son!!!

  3. This really made me admire your strength through the last few months. PTL for His providence! And wow, in a week you'll have your husband back to support you and Alex in person. That's just freakin awesome. LOVE

  4. yay!!! so, it's this week!! you get to see your hubby this week!! I will be praying for safe travels :) So glad your little one is doing well!! You sound like a wonderful mom!